Make a Tangible Impact

Saanvi Foundation greatly values and appreciates the generosity of our supporters who choose to make a difference through in-kind donations. Your tangible contributions play a vital role in supporting our programs and initiatives.

Types of In-Kind Donations We Accept

Educational Resources:

  • Textbooks, stationery, and educational materials for our schools and community libraries.

Medical Supplies:

  • Donations of medical supplies, equipment, and hygiene products for our healthcare outreach programs.

Clothing and Essential Items:

  • Gently used clothing, blankets, and essential items for distribution to vulnerable populations.


  • Donations of computers, tablets, and other technology resources to support our digital literacy initiatives.

Training Materials:

  • Resources and materials that can enhance the quality of our skill development and training programs.

Mobility Aids:

  • Wheelchairs, crutches, and other mobility aids for individuals with mobility challenges.

How to Donate In-Kind

Contact Us:

If you have in-kind donations you’d like to contribute, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page. We appreciate your interest and will guide you on the donation process.

Drop-Off Locations:

We have designated drop-off locations where you can deliver your in-kind donations. Contact us for the nearest drop-off point in your area.

Collection Drives:

Consider organizing a collection drive in your community, workplace, or school to gather in-kind donations for Saanvi Foundation. Contact us for support and guidance.

Why Donate In-Kind?

  • Direct Impact: In-kind donations directly benefit the communities and individuals we serve.
  • Sustainability: Your contributions of resources and materials sustainably support our programs.
  • Community Engagement: In-kind donations foster community engagement and collaboration.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Your in-kind donations contribute to the success of Saanvi Foundation’s mission. We appreciate your commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.